Sexy House Cleaners

Cleaning* (1hr min/3hr max):

$109/hr (with weekly membership)
$129/hr (with bi-weekly membership)
$149/hr (with monthly membership)
$179/hr (without membership)

Fantasy (available upon request for additional fee)

*Cleaning options

  • dusting
  • sweeping
  • vacuuming
  • empty trash
  • Kitchen and bathroom disinfected
  • bathtub/toilet/sinks cleaned
  • microwave/oven cleaned
  • make beds
  • cleaning of doors/windows/entries
  • laundry
  • folding/putting away clothes
  • polish floors
  • polish furniture
  • serve drinks

Hostess (3hr min):

Uniform preferred client choice

*Hostess duties includes - Waiting on group, or party serving food/drinks. Lite drink/food making. No heavy cooking involved in hosting. Joking and laughing with party, making environment fun and more enjoyable!