Sexy House Cleaners

Is this a sex/escort service?

No, there is actually no touching, no photo or video policy.

Do I need to worry about my customer information being shared?

No, we have a strict customer client confidentiality agreement.

How will the charge appear on my credit cars statement?

Charges will show up as Serious House Cleaners on your credit card statements

Can I have other people over while maid is working on site?

There can not be any other company or pets on site unless signed approval from management.

Who provides the cleaning supplies?

We will provide all cleaning supplies, we just ask that you have a vacuum.

What if i need to cancel or reschedule?

We ask that you please try to cancel within 48 hours, if not 24 is acceptable. Under 24 hour cancellations will be faced with a $50 fee.

Is tipping permitted?

Yes, tipping is encouraged! Let the ladies know you like them with compliments, gifts, and tips!

Do I have to purchase a minimum number of hours?

A minimum of two hours.

If there is a problem, who do I contact?

You will contact management and security.

How do I make an appointment?

You can visit the book now tab, or Email us

What type of payments do you accept?

Debt/Credit, Paypal

Do I get to choose the maid?

You can, and will be able to choose favorites.

What are your business hours?

Our hours are 7 days a week, 9:00A.M.-10:00P.M.

Will your Maid work at any home or office location?

Yes, they can work at any location unless it is deemed unsafe.

Are there any discounts for first time customers?

There are membership and reoccurring client discounts. As well as holiday and seasonal specials.

What services are provided? Can I make certain requests?

Your Maid will do cleaning, light housekeeping and cooking duties. The Maid reserves the right to refuse any requests that may be demeaning,dangerous, and illegal. The Maid will be happy to mix a drink for you and do any activity that any Maid would normally do for their client.

I need to reschedule my housekeeping service. What do I need to do?

Please let us know, via text or email, at least 1 calendar day before your regularly scheduled appointment.

What should I expect during my cleaning service?

Well the answer is as simple as relaxation and enjoyment! Our ladies are the best, and we expect the best behavior from you. The ladies will arrive in normal day attire, you are required to give them a room where they can change in private. Once she is ready show her the layout and supplies. You may then sit back and watch tv, catch up on work, or reading your newest novel, or yes you may watch the ladies as much as you’d like. Please once again follow behavior guidelines, if not immediate removal.

How should I behave during my appointment?

This is your time to relax and enjoy some down time in your busy schedule. Enjoy a clean environment. Special requests related to cleaning that are not demeaning, dangerous, or illegal are permitted, yet totally up to the Maid to accept or not. Clients may not be under the influence of illegal drugs or be involved with or use any illegal drugs while the Maid is working. Violation will terminate the appointment and/or your ongoing contract with a no refund policy violation. Please refrain from excessive alcoholic consumption and please do not extend any alcoholic drinks/and or drugs to the Maid, as she is not allowed to indulge in alcoholic beverages while working.

Is this service available for everyone?

It is! As long as you are 18 and up. Male or female.