Sexy House Cleaners

Who we are - Group of women looking to provide a unique domestic experience unlike anything in your average day. We provide sexy, sophisticated, fun, and playful ladies to clean, organize, or do light housekeeping in your home or business! Thats right, we can come to your office even! We won't come in just to clean, we enjoy stimulating conversation and even bad jokes!

Goal - Provide woman of all shapes, ages, and sizes to engulf your mind with fantasy and productivity!

We will provide flirty and sexy services however we are NOT AN ESCORT service! Your lovely lady or ladies are not only carefully chosen but well trained and will make sure you enjoy and get the most out of the experience while following the guidelines. Our maids will not take off clothing or strip out of their uniforms. Their uniforms are fit for your visual stimulation, fantasy and for your imagination. Please respect our maids and otherwise your membership will be imminently terminated. This means read your contract, no touching, and no vulgar comments... we are coming into your home so that you can be comfortable, please make sure we are also. (Yes, that means offering us a glass of water)

After working all week how about you just kick your feet up and call a Seriously Sexy maid to come and assist you while you relax! Enjoy and just watch as she tidies up around you in a hot little outfit.

Why choose us - Yes we know hiring a normal maid service is cheaper…but thats just deserve more! We want you to stop coming home to a house that upsets you or stresses you out! We want to remind you that you work hard and should be able to relax. We're here to help unclutter your mind, not just your home.

We respect our clientele and want them to be not only satisfied but happy, and even bragging about their lovely clean home and at ease energy!

Taking those gross and grimy tasks and making them ever so delightful!